About Me & Stampin' Up! 

In 1999, my pastor's wife asked me if I would plan and host a monthly card ministry for the ladies in our church.  At that time, I didn't own a stamp and had never thought of making a card, but I said, "Sure.  I'd love to do that!"

I contacted Stampin' Up! and became a Hobby Demonstrator so I could receive a discount on supplies.  The card ministry called *More Than Crafts, was well received and soon expanded to include scrapbooking.  We multiplied in numbers and eventually averaged about 45 women each month!

Along the way, I was diagnosed with cancer.  While receiving chemo and radiation I took a necessary break from Stampin' Up!  After learning I was cancer-free, I rejoined to become a Career Demonstrator, setting business goals and moving forward with a plan.  Within nine months I achieved the level of Manager.

Stampin' Up! complements my Christian values and adds a pinch of creative harmony to each precious day.  I'm loving the journey and having a ball.  Now more than ever, I'm thrilled to offer the opportunity to others.  If you'd like a little Stampin' Up! sunshine in your life, just contact me and I'll set aside some quality time to tell you more!

*More Than Crafts was held every month for nine years at Hillcrest Nazarene Church in Vancouver, Washington.  Women sincerely enjoyed crafting together and over a period of time developed enduring friendships.  Together we experienced the emotions of births and deaths and much in between.  In order to serve more women in a larger geographic area, the ministry was divided among several leaders and now meets in a variety of locations along the I-5 corridor in SW Washington.  I feel so blessed to be part of this significant ministry.  It is truly more than crafts.

About Me & Polka Dots and Paper

In August 2008, I created a Polka Dots and Paper website primarily to share business graphics with demonstrators.  The flood of heartfelt emails inspired me to expand my vision, so in September 2009, this enhanced format of PD&P with a new design and a new blog format was born. 

There is more on this site than first meets the eye.  I invite you to click on each of the sidebar buttons to look for special treasures tucked here and there awaiting your discovery.

Whether you're a hobby stamper, a business demonstrator, a family scrapbook historian, or anything in between, there's something on Polka Dots for your viewing pleasure.  Thank you for your continued interest.  You make the journey a delight!

About Me & My Family

I was born the oldest of eight children and married my high school sweetheart.  My husband and I have 3 married children, 3 spouses of those children, 12 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren - so far.

I have many favorite things... music, the wonder of nature, autumn and a good book.  I will never have enough dishes or linens and own enough of both for dozens of elegant and/or snazzy table settings.

I like anything crafty.  I've made several beautiful quilts, painted with oils and created wonderful ceramic pieces.  I continually work on my family scrapbooks, making slow but sure progress.  I especially love rubber stamping and enjoy the friendships it brings.

I would like to be a writer, but there's only so much time.

I'm extreeeemly organized and always have a plan!  The plan part occasionally drives my husband crazy, but the grandchildren love it.

After many years of classroom and personal study, I've increased my knowledge of the Bible, and especially love to teach from the Old Testament.  If you ever want to better understand any part of Genesis through Revelation, get with me for a couple of hours and I'll give you a simple, concise and very clear overview of the greatest story ever told.

Being a family with a Christian foundation has been the miracle ingredient that has brought us through the mountains and valleys of life - and we've had an abundance of both.


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