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This picture of our home was taken at Christmastime during our last big snow storm, but I can't remember what year. It almost felt like we were snowed in on Christmas (yesterday), because we didn't go out, and our kids, grandkids, and great grandkids didn't stop by (as per the plan)... all because of this thing we are living with called COVID! 


But here's the good part... Our three children, their spouses and families were safe and sound, tucked away in their own homes. Countless texts and wonderful Christmas pictures flew back and forth across the miles, to and from a home down the block, a home across town, and another way over in Nebraska! Hubby and I were as content as could be! We saw pictures of our newest great grandbaby (below), lots of pictures of precious smiling faces, tables set for Christmas dinners, and a variety of Christmas gifts like a new stuffed bear called Bartholomew (below)! The dog is named Bentley, but he thinks he's a human so mums the word! 


Being quarantined - with or without snow - wasn't so bad after all. Now it's time to get ready for the New Year! Since I'm an avid list maker (typed, of course), there are already many plans on the horizon. How are your 2021 plans and dreams coming along?






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