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When they were little girls, they had tea parties with me...

Kam and Kara

Kam & Kara

But now that they are older, we have crafting parties...

Kam and Kara and little sister Kass

Kam  Kara  & Kass

Recently when they visited from Idaho,

they saw my Autumn wreath and wanted to make their own.

This is my Artsy Autumn Deco Wreath...

Artsy Autumn Deco Wreath

Kamille (the oldest) picked out fabric with music notes

because she plays the piano...


She drew a Treble Clef

using a tip she learned from one of her art teachers...

Kam's Wreath

Kara (the middle sister) picked out Minnie Mouse fabric...


...and used my Big Shot to cut the flowers...

Kara's Wreath

Would YOU like to make a wreath of your own?

Wreath Download Button

Download Artsy Autumn Deco Wreath


There are dozens of reason I love being a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator!

It's so much more than just the stamping!

Crafting with my granddaughters is one of those reasons!!



Linda Aarhus, Stampin' Up! Demonstrator, Vancouver, WA

11 Years


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So nice your grandchildren like to craft with you... mine do too! Even little Brian. ALL these projects are spectacular and the girls are just gorgeous. Grandkids are a blessing... right?

All 3 wreaths are spectacular!!! Such a great craft to do together. They are lucky girls to have you as their grandma!

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