Sister Day 2016

99% of my blog for the past seven years has been filled with handmade art, mostly designed by me. But today I'm inspired to share a different kind of art, created in heaven... my sisters on our Annual Sister Day...

Sister Day

There are five sisters and three brothers in our family. There used to be eight of us. But now we're all married with children, grandchildren and even some great grandchildren. These days our family has grown to bajillions. We have other events throughout the year. Two of the most enjoyed are JULY AT THE BEACH PROPERTY, and CHRISTMAS AT HOME WITH SANTA. Today I'm highlighting SISTER DAY...

We usually start by taking photos so our makeup and hair are still fresh. Left to right: Letha, Diane, Vicki, Linda, Nancy...

Sister Day 2016


This year we met at Vicki's. Of course everything was so beautiful, with perfect ambience. The table is where we sat for five hours, sharing our journals, our hearts, and our dreams. We laughed till our faces hurt, and cried our makeup away. There was brunch and lunch so we didn't go hungry. And gifts from everyone to everyone, like Foaming Bath Oil, Hens & Chicks Perennials, a Sugar Plum Candle, Coconut Oil and more. I'll show you my gift tomorrow, since a part of it was handmade (green box in gift photo)...

Sister Day Shots

Sister Day 2015


Sister Day 2014

Sometimes we are silly


Sister in days past


and when we were much younger...


I only picked a few Sister pictures but wanted to show you our brothers too. Left to right is Mark, Doug, and Joe. In case anyone recognizes any of us on this post today, our last name is Currie. Our parents are Joe and Letha Currie. Dad died twenty years ago, and Mom is in a nursing home. Age order oldest to youngest: Linda, Diane, Nancy, Doug, Vicki, Joe, Letha, Mark...

Sisters & Brothers

Yes, the brothers do special things too, like hunting and fishing. (I have always felt blessed to be the oldest.) xoxox






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Loved viewing your family fun! So cute. I'm the middle of 5 .... Oldest brother is passed, and I'm 67... so we are slowing getting....O L D... did I say that out loud?
I didn't mean it! Hugs.

I really enjoyed seeing your family pictures. There are three girls and two boys in my family and my husbands family--there are three boys and three girls. Love those larger families! I'm the youngest in my family and I'm 67--time sure does fly.

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