TRUE CONFESSION: I have been married 49+ years, and have never thrown away a single Hallmark-type greeting card received from family or friends. I have saved thousands of them!  Now before you call me a hoarder, please note that when you walk into my home at any given time, it is spotless and totally organized.  My garage too.  So I couldn't be a hoarder!  Right?  All that to say I want to share a new card-making idea... I'm calling it REFASHIONED CARDS. I have experimented with four categories of refashioned cards: 1) Old/Used Cards, 2) Photos, 3) Kid Drawings, and 4) This & That.

. . . . . . . . . .

Months ago, Stampin' Up! encouraged all demonstrators to conduct their businesses "MY WAY" (each of us in our own creative way). Next week I will share a four-part mini series here on Polka Dots and Paper. I'm looking forward to showing you lots of fresh and fun refashioned card ideas - MY WAY!


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Wow, can't believe you saved all those cards and your house, and even your garage, is organized. (I wish mine were) I agree with Doris, do you lend yourself out to your blog friends? :)
Can't wait to see what you do with your"Refashioned Cards".

Here is the poem I copy on address labels and add to the bottom of my note:

I did not sign this card today
that I have sent to you
Instead it holds my warmest thoughts
Invisible but true.
So if you find a time you need
to brighten someone’s day,
then take this card and sign it
and send it on its way. Love Diane

Another demo gave it to me and can't remember who!

Your "Refashioned Cards" idea sounds like fun. Can't wait to see what you come up with!! Love all your cards...you have a wonderful sense of style...great layouts and colour choices. (Wish my house was organized and spotless, let alone the garage. Do you lend yourself out to your blog friends?)

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