Our entire family is very thankful - all over again!



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Praise God that he returned to the loving embrace of his family. Prayers do indeed receive answers.

My Nephew returned just before Christmas...it is such a huge relief isn't it?

Praise the Lord he's home safely! And please thank him for his service! My son did a tour in Iraq, and was a week or two from going to Afghanistan when they found out he had to have surgery, so he didn't go. God bless all our soldiers and their families who wait and pray!

Such a blessing that your grandson made it home safely. Please express our appreciation for Kenny's service to our country ~ thanks Kenny!

Welcome Home , Kenny. Thanks for your service. My Marine grandson called this evening and he will soon be deployed to Afghanistan. My Marine son retired with 20 last fall.

Please thank him for his service, it is appreciated.

I'm so thankful he got home safe and sound. I will pray that all goes well now. Tell your grandson we are so thankful for his service to our country. My son was also in the Marines.

Thanks, Kenny for serving our country; I pray that your return will be smooth and blessed!

So happy for your family that he is home safe!
Thank him for his service. My husband was in the Marines in VietNam.

So happy for you and your family, and eternally grateful to Kenny for his service to our country.

Thank you for your grandson, Kenny, to serve our country.

Thank you, Kenny, for your service to our country on behalf of all of us.
We are deeply appreciative!

Suzie and Mike Cullen
Sanibel, FL

Please thank Kenny for serving all of us as he was on his tour in Afghanistan in the Marines. THANK YOU KENNY

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