I was born the oldest of eight.  The first photo below was taken about 20 years ago, and the second is more recent with our mother on her 85th birthday.  All that to say this... The eight of us, with our eight spouses, and our oodles of children and grandchildren, are gathering at the beach this weekend for a family reunion - and to celebrate Little Dude's 50th birthday! Little Dude is the nickname of our youngest brother.  And since he's 50, that makes the rest of us as old as dirt! 

We have many family traditions and annual celebrations that span decades.  For example, we have never missed being together at Christmas for our grand hoopla! 

The Currie Kids (that's us), are known around here as a very musical family, each playing an instrument while singing southern gospel tunes in four-part harmony. 

This weekend, we'll be doing lots of singing as well as laughing our heads off... eating too much... searching for sea shells... playing games... taking tons of photos... sitting around the bonfire... and sharing stories (even tall tales) while always trying to one-up each other.  Competition abounds.  We can't help ourselves.  It's in our gene pool.

The Currie Family Reunion graphic below has been screened on the front of 60 white T-shirts to be worn for our reunion photo while on the beach with the Pacific Ocean as our backdrop.  I can only imagine! 

Being a family with a Christian foundation has been the miracle ingredient that has brought us through the mountains and valleys of life - and we've had an abundance of both.

It is always a joy to post for you, whether it is about pretty stamped images or anything to do with matters of the heart.  xox



Little Dude is in the green sweater above.


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 Linda Aarhus, Stampin' Up! Demonstrator

(also... wife, mom, grandma, sister, sister-in-law, aunt, and friend)



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Thanks Linda! I just started following.

Tag you're it! I'm now following your blog courtesy of Stampin' Connection via rss feed & would love for you to stop by my blog & become a follower of mine...Thanks! http://www.scrapcrazydiva.blogspot.com
Lovely blog!

Have a blast! We are 1700 miles away from our families, so time together is very special. TFS!

Have fun!

Have a fun weekend!

That's great! I am one of 7 and my husband is one of 8. My whole family was together 2 weeks ago (except for a couple of the cousins) for my daughter's wedding.
So which one is Little Dude in the second picture? :-)

Oh how fun! We also always had a huge family reunion.it was called the "Cousins by the Dozens" since it was mostly my mom's cousins but they were still aunts/uncles to us. Most all are gone now but since the loss of both my parents it sort of faded away with the extended cousins. However my immediate family is still as close as can be. I miss them all very much. Have a Wonderful Time! Enjoy.

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