I have LOTS to do today!  These green tubs are filled with all my Christmas decorations.  My strategy is all plotted out.  Between today and Monday, I'll empty them and deck my halls (decorate my house) in order to join the 2009 very much anticipated Christmas Tour of Homes!


DSC00396  DSC00397  DSC00398

(Oops, I just noticed that the typing on the Nut Crackers label is a little high. Mr. Monk would have to stop everything and change it.  Not me.  I'm only a little neurotic.)  By now, 93.5% of readers will have hit escape, but I'll continue today's blog for the remaining 6.5% of you.  

Here's my 3-Step Plan to maximize my efficiency... 1) Remove every single non-Christmas decor object in the six target areas of my house.  2) Start spreading Christmas magic here and there.  I can't remember from one year to the next where things go and have to start from creative scratch every single time!  3) I don't even know what #3 could or should be, so better quit talking and just get busy since time is running out! 

All I do know is this...  IF I'm successful in emptying all 15 tubs, and IF I don't run out of steam, and IF everything finds a place, and IF I get all my bows made, I'll be ready to take photos by Sunday evening... Well, perhaps Monday... Tuesday at the absolute latest... Because house cleaner gal is coming on Wednesday... Stamp Club is here on Thursday... Three stamping events here on Friday... Christmas Luncheon on Saturday...  What. Was. I. Thinking?

Click below to watch Meghan Carter from askthedecorator.com make a Christmas bow.

You are cordially invited to attend the 2009 Christmas Tour of Homes on Monday, December 14th...  But if you want to stop by early and take a sneak peek, I'll be ready by...  Well...  Hummm.... I'll keep you posted!

You still have 3 days to SAVE BIG at the HOLIDAY EXTRAVAGANZA SALE!  I would love to send you my beautiful RIPPLED RIBBONS flyer - just for making a purchase.  Go to www.lindaswebsite.stampinup.net.

Thanks for dropping by today. Best wishes to you as we officially enter the holiday season...  Love, Linda

Candle  Candle 


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Do you want a second opinion on the "only a little nuerotic" comment? Your "Favorite Son in Law. :-)

No wonder your daughter could stand on her feet all day yesterday making the best Thanksgiving dinner in town! If I get back for Christmas, I HAVE to see what you've done. Have fun today! Jeanette

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